Sunday, February 28, 2010


28 February 2010 – Three days since my last post and a very busy three days it has been. It seems we are going to eat, thinking about going to eat, eating, coming back from eating with a little TV movies, MTV thrown in in Chinese, Haiti relief songs, sleeping, trying to sleep, tossing and turning.

McDonald's seems to be our choice for cheap eats and is about ½ mile away – 1 big block down and 2 big ones over – and then back. Carrying 42 pounds on ones hip or back gets old quick and I've learned new areas of my back and the associated soreness.

Breakfast at the hotel has been fabulous after we moved from western fare to Chinese / Japanese fare. The latter has a much larger selection of delights to choose from, many of which we've never seen or heard of or thought of as food sources from little tiny pickled fish that we ate all but the heads, to extremely salty pickled something or other. Pickled radishes are a crunchers delight, tasting like much of nothing but lots of crunch. The bean paste little biscuit like things are delicious and I could eat several at one sitting. Tian and Yu-Hsuan are tearing through seaweed like kids and sugar eating packet after packet. It tastes nasty to me, smelling like antifreeze.

Since we've traveled much the same paths here since arrival it doesn't take long to find ones way around but Taipei is a city of bustling people. Nearly everywhere one looks, there is something being done differently from home. While bigger than Tainan there seem to be less mopeds mainly because there are so many more cars and buses. Like Tainan there a hundreds of taxis and it is somewhat amusing to see the makes of these from Toyotas and Nissans to unknown kinds and Mercedes. Cars come in colors that I have yet to see in the US.  Yesterday a pinkish, burgundy color VW bug was seen as well.

Views from our 10th floor room.

Yes, it is a Fun House, now!

Our hotel room and the children playing while Mama uses laptop.


  1. Is children jumping from bed to bed in the hotel room one of the official shots of international adoption(second only to red couch, I'm sure)? Looks like y'all are having a good time.

    McDs coffee saved my heart from certain destruction by culture shock and jet lag. I only needed one, but it set me straight. I encourage you to feel no shame.

  2. Loving reading and seeing it all :) Love the jumpin bed shot!


  3. I guess it proves that jumping on kids officially makes kids happy! :)

    Glad to see all is going well!