Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tainan Walkabout #2

23 Feb 2010 – While I awoke at 1230 am again, I rolled over and stayed in bed until a more normal wakeup period of 545 local time. Ambling down to breakfast about 930, we had a nice breakfast with even more taste buds tantalized.

Snapping a photo of the local train yard, I spied these colorful cars:

After breakfast it was back to the room where Tian got some homework in. Around 2 pm we went down to the hotel basement to the food court to once again visit cheap eats at McDonald's. Afterwards, we started our second walk about Tainan going in a different direction from the hotel this time heading south.

The maps we had were less than descriptive of where we were so it took looking at two maps, figuring where to walk from the street, the what passes for sidewalks, to moped trails to continue down each street. Presently off the grid because the maps didn't seem to follow the streets even in rudimentary form, Tian became stressed out and had to be calmed by mama that while we might be somewhat lost, we were on a busy street, in daylight and as long as we kept moving like we knew where we were going we should be ok.

On the theory that continuing in a more or less straight line we would at some point intersect a known point on the map, we did in fact do that and turning back towards our hotel more or less walked along this street until we came to a gate / fort from older times which we entered and took several pictures in the quiet away from the street noise.

Leaving there we proceeded back to the hotel as Ellen's feet were once again bothering her. Apparently she did not bring the right footwear to walk long distances.

Photos from our room showing the northern part of the city:

In for the evening, Tian and I went down to the grocery store and bought bandaids, seaweed and candy for Tian and a couple of pastries at another store for Ellen and I to munch on.

Early to bed, ended this day.


  1. Tim, I love your photos...beautiful shots. I will be back for the big day!!

  2. You're so good at this. Your girls are beautiful. I can hardly wait for gotcha. Which you have probably done and are now soaking in. Praying for all.