Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mom, I’m still happy here with Jesus.
Days like this though, I miss you.

Wonderful my China brother now is home.
He too, now has a forever Mom.

Hug my brothers and sister,
Hold them tight.

I love you Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day.


This post dedicated to my friend Kathy Tatakis.
Chelsea’s 5th Mother’s Day in heaven, gone too soon, January, 2006.

Fishing - Camping - First Haircut - Flowers

Caught - blue gill

Zipping along.


Another catch!
Red Ear

Indoors and Bug free.

Her and His tents,
That's the way to go.


Some concrete cat trying to sneak in.

Pre-hair cut,
serious business.

Decked out to be shorn.

The cutting begins.

Reverse image.

Some of Mama's flowers, front yard.

Hair cut results, 
just a trim.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Times - Worker - Transformed - Siblings

Summer Fun at friend's church

Straw Boss

My Parents House Transformed

Ready to Farm

The front yard

Side of the house towards garage

A bed pulled out of storage.  Salvageable?

Tian, cousin Alyssa, Yu-Hsuan,
 in the dining room

A clear space.  Quick fill it!

Picture of my grandfather and his two brothers.

Great grandparents on the wall -
one from the South,
one from the North.

In their new room.
Bed made up by yours truly.

Kids in Dad's old room.

Sister and Brother.