Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter - Defense - Friends - Play - Flowers and Fun

Moving on with life and the continuing adventure of Yu-Hsuan in our lives. Easter morning rolled around and the children got to see what the Easter Bunny left for them. A new concept for Yu-Hsuan. The outdoor egg hunt began shortly afterward.

One of our cats - Chester Bob, checks out the basket.

A new shirt!

Defensive moves illustrated by Yu-Hsuan and Mama.

Yu-Hsuan and the eggs he colored.

Tian and the eggs she colored.

A friend telling Yu-Hsuan how he used to work with big cranes.  
Yu-Hsuan with rapt attention.

Dick & Barb Jansen, Fella, Yu-Hsuan

Play Time

Momma's flowers in our yard.


That's it for this showing.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Imperfect Father

  29 days home today and it is confirmed I am not the perfect father. After just showing in Chinese characters - 狗獨自離開 and saying for the upmteenth time, leave the dog alone, I had no sooner turned my back when the dog had had enough and bit him on the face. I could not protect my child from a dog who has never bitten anyone, who had patiently put up with our son poking and strangling him for the last four weeks. A couple of nips earlier, our son just couldn't seem learn.

  Folks said later that they hoped he wasn't freaking out. He wasn't, he was crying, he was scared but I was the one having trouble keeping it together. Do you know how frustrating and worthless the Yellow Pages are in an emergency when you know the doctor's name but have to look at 101 categories of doctors to find Your doctor's phone number? Finally found by just looking in the white pages business section.

  We had a previously arranged appointment to see his doctor after regular tests, so we got that moved up two hours and saw the doctor's husband at 130 pm.  The wound cleaned, the area numbed.  While the numbing process was going on I had Tian find a nurse to relieve me because I was about to pass out from it all, getting woozy.  How silly of me not being able to hold it together, but there it was again, imperfection.

  Two stitches later, we went to eat oriental food of some sort across the street owned / run by a family from Taiwan.  The best food I've had since Taiwan.  The family Ellen had met earlier came in later and was able to talk to our son telling him to leave the stitches alone and the dogs again....

Yu-Hsuan, wo ai ni -  我愛你,