Sunday, February 28, 2010


28 February 2010 – This morning a few shots of our hotel lobby and eating area.  As for the title of this post - read to the end to find out.

Early this morning though we had front row seats to a multi-alarm fire at the building directly across from our hotel. I finally captured one of the trains going by on the elevated track and then the family rescuing what possessions they could from their home after the firemen left.

This afternoon we got to spend a few minutes at the ER with our son. Fortunately the hospital is only about 200 yards away, across a major street and then two buildings down from our hotel. We walked into the ER, got registered, handed over his Taiwan health card to the cashier, met with the pediatrician ER doctor, got diagnosis, another appointment, medicine and out in about 30 minutes for $12.50. I sure would like to bring that ER home with us.

Our son has impacted wax and they could not even see his ear drum so we go to a specialist on Monday, to see if he can fly without pain. We do not want him hurting or miserable for the 11 hour flight to San Francisco.

After lunch and medicine we went for a walk, first to the flower market which is underneath a rapid rail line and stretched for a couple of blocks. It was rather large but hot in places under the bridge. Next we visited a large city park – Daan Forest Park where the children could play on various things.

Taipei Tower

A few sights on the return to the hotel and another little park with things to do.

Then back in our room, our son, decided to dress in his native garb. While trying to speak with him, chatter back to him since we hardly understand one another, I happened upon a word that I said off the cuff to him – banzai! He loves it and just laughs with delight upon hearing it and giggles and cries out Banzai! Banzai! With great glee!

Our Son!



  1. Tim,
    thanks for sharing so much of your Journey
    ! U-Shin Samuel looks great as do you all :) I am sorry to hear about the ear. NOAH had this issue and we had no clue till after he was home a good while. He ended up having to have tubes put in because it was behind the ear drum as well. The ENT had never seen such sticky wax behind an eardrum before, he was used to fluid back there, not the thick sticky wax Noah had. Even with tubes he has to go in every few months to have his ears cleaned out from the wax. I have to say that your son favors you. Yes I know he is Asian and you are not but the long face and the shape and all in pictures it just looks like he favors you :) Thanks again for sharing so much, oh and the beds, we did not like the beds at the Howard either. At Tayih Landis in Tainan they were amazing though!


  2. Looks like things are gong well! I am glad Samuel's ear got checked. Was it just really crowded at that park or were you drawing a crowd. :)

  3. Yeah, right. It was a crowded park on a Sunday afternoon with temps way above normal. I guess all the warm air that normally is over the USA is being sucked in over here leaving it very cold in the northeast USA. Ellen read that snow is predicted next week for Chattanooga - which is hard to fathom as it has to be pushing 80 degrees here or the humidity is so high as to make it feel so warm.

  4. So glad that things are going well. He looks too cute in his native clothing. Love the Banzai! Great to find something that makes him laugh!
    Like you, I wish that our ER's only charged $12.50 for a visit! lol

    Congrats again,
    Sheri (Leilah Di and Olivia Xia's Mommy...and Mom to many more!)

  5. It looks like you guys are doing fantastic. Thank you so much for blessing us with updates. We are praying for you!

  6. We had the ear wax thing. Please, don't show that pic.
    Yes, Ellen, I am sorry, but it is really cold.
    Oh, yeah...

    BANZAI, Y'ALL!!!

  7. Ear wax thing, Oh Yeah, 2 of my 4 have the ear wax thing going on too.

    Happened to notice Tian in the background of the pictures of Samual on the swing. Had to laugh at her posture - could almost hear her. Have that older sister thing going on in my house too.

    Congratulations - both your kids are beautiful.

  8. Glad you found a common word and one that makes him smile!

    I hope his ear is better soon! He's a handsome little guy!