Friday, March 19, 2010

Reaching Out

I often wonder what inspired Poe in his writings, if he pondered while staring into the firelight, for we have so many stimuli today that finding a moment to ponder takes real work or concentration.

Anyway this little blurb came to mind through some stimuli that I cannot point to, as I can not attach something significant to the date it was written, 31 Oct 2006.

It seems fitting to post at this time.

Reaching Out

Reaching out across the strands of time
We seek the silvery threads of family
A memory here, a memory there,
Whispers on the wind, we grasp at these,
Slipping, slipping, slipping,
Down through the sands of time,
Here and there we catch a silvery thread,
A glimpse here, a glimpse there of some family member.

What were their dreams, their aspirations?
How has the world changed since "their time"?
What we would have of theirs?
O' to have a glimpse of their faces, to hear just once more the sound of their voices.
Lonely are we, lost without family.
Slipping, slipping, slipping,
Down through the sands of time.

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