Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodbye Taiwan - Hello Chattanooga

2 March 2010, Tuesday - Our last day in Taipei and Taiwan. We got up at 6 pm, Monday morning Eastern Standard Time.  This morning the coolest since we've been here. Rainy, overcast and breezy. Temps in the mid 60s and noticeably cooler. After breakfast, our last delight, packing ensued. Going out for lunch, our new favorite restaurant was closed so we walked to another part of town.  Hmm, this tower looks like a giant Ipod.

After lunch shots of a street corner.

At the airport Tian poses.

Excellent food fare at the Taipei airport – vegetable dumplings, noodles and stew.

On the airplane from Taipei to San Francisco.

Our agency liaison, Leanne, the children and Ellen.

In San Francisco, getting ready to fly to Dallas.

On the plane from Dallas to Atlanta.

Welcome to your new home!

Toys and meeting Gracie!

We arrived here at 415 pm Wednesday EST, including 3 hours driving time, 1 hour bus time, 10 hours waiting in airports and 16 hours flying time with maybe 4 hours sleep out of 22.5 hours clock time and over 8200 miles traveled.

Good night Gracie!


  1. Welcome Home!! I'm glad you guys made it safely now you can enjoy yourself being a family of 4. I'm very happy for you Tim and your beautiful family.


  2. Welcome home. Sleep well, y'all.

  3. Welcome home guys! I know it is good to finally be here and begin life as a family :) Thanks for sharing all the pics :) The pics on EVA were the seats economy? they look rather roomy. what about leg room?? I have major leg issues for long trips so am curious about that. Can't wait to see more and more of your family at home :)


  4. Yipee!! You guys are back in town! Can't wait to connect with you and meet Samuel. Isn't God amazing??!! I am so touched by how He brought you all together. And I love the pics of Samuel checking out his new room and toys, meeting Gracie, etc. I am just amazed at the journey God has brought this precious boy on, and your entire family. He has tremendous plans in store!

    Big Hugs,
    Jennifer, Eric and Noelle

  5. Welcome home, and thank you for a wonderful journey

  6. Glad you all made it home safely and had a great journey! Welcome Home!


  7. Your family is beautiful!! Welcome home to all!!