Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home - A New Beginning

Home life begins. We arrived home Wednesday afternoon nearly 48 hours after getting up in Taipei on Monday evening our time, with about 4 hours sleep.  With the time zone difference only 22.5 hours had passed but so had more than 8000 miles beneath us.

Presents that would have been given had our son been home by Christmas are brought out and fun ensues.

Yu-Hsuan gets into the groove quickly but sister drives too fast flying off the track more often than not and soon he is left to himself.  Mama is the pit crew fixing the cars as they need it.

At Lake Chickamauga

Ready to Rumble

Cooking at the Makepeace kitchen
(he pushed in and took over)

Then there are the things that we don't have pictures for because the camera is not handy or it happens in a moment too fast to think of such.  

Coming home from work Monday, when Yu-Hsuan heard me come home, at the top of his lungs - baba! baba! as he rushed to hug me tight.  This happened again tonight as he shooed the dogs out of his way to get to me.

Monday night as we sat for supper and held hands to say our blessing our son indicated he wanted to pray.  So he did.  Only he and God knows what he said even though I did hear mama and baba and jiejie mentioned at least twice.

Tonight Ellen and the children came to my work for supper.  Yu-Hsuan was hugging all the girls, saying hi to the boys and hugging some of them too.  When he hugged on two little girls that were leaving, Tian, who was sitting behind me said - kill me now.  I guess it was embarrassing to her.

Tomorrow is Tian's 2nd anniversary of Gotcha Day.  I wonder what her brother has for her?


  1. LOVE the pics and all the news! Congrats Mama and Baba~!

    PRAYING JEREMIAh Home quickly

  2. Very nice pictures as always. I enjoy reading your blog. You have a great family there. Congrats...to you and your wife and big sister too!!

  3. Hey Tim!

    What fun. I always wanted one of those race car sets when I was a little girl, but I was a little girl, so I got Barbies(and cut their hair, right?). Thank you for reminding me to put it on the list...because I am sure Xin Kang will love it too.

    How do you say Yu-Hsuan? I mean I get the Yu part, but then I flounder a little.

    Gorgeous pictures. Again.

  4. Great family and great fun! It's official that all is settling in as normal when little brother "embarrasses" big sister! That's cute!

    Glad all is going well!

  5. Glad to see you all home and safe. Such a terrific homecoming. It was great following your journey!

    Sheri (Leilah Di and Olivia Xia's Mommy...and Mom to many more!)

  6. I am glad to see things are going well. It is nice that he is cooking, our exchange student loves to cooking dumplings and dishes that she learned to make in China,

  7. I want one of my kids to cook! :) What beautiful kids you have!

    Keri C.

  8. for dear Yu-Hsuan






    台灣的家人 留