Monday, September 27, 2010

Working Man

Saturday, 11 Sept 2010
Touch a Truck Day

Henry and me

Father and son day out

City Bus

18 wheeler!

Electric Utility Truck

Cement Mixer

Shriner's car


Postal truck

Riding a Harley

Another truck

Public Works truck

Crane operator

Fire engine

Rescue boat

Crane truck

Lawn service

Farmer Yu-Hsuan

Inside 18 wheeler

School bus driver...


  1. Great pictures and nice exposure to all the different types of trucks/boats/cars/motorcycle. I bet he was on Cloud nine

  2. What a cool way to spend a father-son day! And such a handsome boy :-)
    - Christina

  3. I know i'm late on this...but Tim - what a HANDSOME boy you have there, prefect face, smile and pure cuteness!