Thursday, October 8, 2009

A son

Before we adopted our daughter in March, 2008 we had decided to get her a sibling so she would not be an only child. First we looked for a sister for her, someone that would be a little younger. As we had aged out of China, we thought Vietnam would be a good fit since we had friends who adopted from there 20 years before.

Alas as we returned from China, Vietnam was closing. Next we turned to Taiwan but nothing popped for us. A situation locally seemed to be a good fit and we started pursuing that a few months after we came home. That door closed as well as the child in question was having major issues.

Finally in January of this year, we turned to our first adoption agency, IAAP, to see if they could give us an idea of how to proceed. The lady there asked if we would consider a boy since she could testify that boys were ok as she had 3 of them.

We decided to think about this and get back with them. After thinking about the for 2 days, it occurred to me that I had found the extreme joy of being the father of a daughter. If I bypassed the opportunity to parent a son, I'd always wonder what it would have been like. Not wishing to miss opportunity laid before me, I said yes, let's pursue a son.

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