Thursday, October 8, 2009


While my wife was talking with our first agency, IAAP, I was inquiring of a handful of agencies that worked in Taiwan to see if they had any children available in the age range we were seeking.

I got responses from 3 or 4 agencies with pictures to review. Knowing that few children were adopted out of Taiwan in the last year or so compared to China, I thought I would not have that many children to review bios on.

On one particular web site I saw a little boy that intrigued me because his bio indicated no issue that I thought would be a problem.

After contacting our first agency again, my wife was directed to a particular web site to review children's bios. Call it what you will but she was directed to the same site I had viewed a few days earlier and found the same boy.

I show first contact with this agency by me on 19 Jan 2009. Then our kick off date as 26 Jan began with a call to Heartsent, the agency of our adoption of Yu-Hsuan.

Showing the world his referral picture.


  1. Oh Heartsent is AMAZING! You will be SOOO blessed by this agency! :) I am praying for your adoption! :) Another Panda Boy coming home! :)